Our environmental policy

We touch the nature, we don’t change it

Sahtas Handmade Clay Roof Tile Environment

Raw materials

We supply our raw materials from CED (Environmental Affects Evaluation) certified and licensed own clay quarry at the village of Capak, and some from excavation wastes of Bozyaka and Guzelbahce at Izmir, for various artistic purposes.

Sahtas recycling

Recycling the unqualified

Quality control rejects any products produced which is not exactly to the customer’s specification but they are not wasted, they are crushed, ground and re-cycled.

Sahtas glass recycling

Recycling the glass

We collect glass regardless of colour; crush, micronize and add to our production process for various purposes.

Sahtas paper recycling

Recycling the paper

We use a minimum amount of paper in Sahtas. All the office paper waste is collected, shredded, ground and recycled in our production line as well as the used paper collected from outside resources.

Sahtas recycle saw dust

Recycling the sawdust

We collect and recycle the sawdust from carpenters for use in several stages of our production.

Sahtas water reuse

Harvesting, reusing and reprocessing the water

We collect rainwater and reclaim more than 50% of the water used ih the industrial processes. This water is carefully filtered and analysed by our quality system before reuse.

We refine and purify our domestic waste water to reuse in various cleaning and irrigation purposes. Microbiologically tested purified water is also used in the industrial process.

Sahtas recycle ashes

Recycling the ashes

We collect and recycle the coal ashes of our kilns, and add them to the clay body and isolation mortar of the Hoffman kiln brick doors.

Sahtas recycle olive seed

Recycling the crushed olive seeds

We collect the crushed olive seeds from olive oil factories and recycle them both for heating the pre-drying rooms and adding to specific tiles to create some special textural effects.