Helping to preserve our environment

Raw materials

All the raw clay that we use in the production process is excavated from our own quarry close to the factory. The quarry is certified under the EIA (Environmental Impacts Assessment) scheme and we are committed to minimising the impact of our works and returning the excavated area to nature.

Recycling fired waste

Fired products are subject to a rigorous and continual quality control process. Any items which do not meet the required Sahtas standards are set aside. They are not wasted but crushed, ground and micronized before being recycled into the clay body mix.

Recycling glass

We collect glass from both within our factories and offices and also the local communities for recycling. The crushed glass is used to produce our own glazes applied on to the handmade ceramic tiles and bricks.

Recycling paper

We minimise the amount of paper we use in Sahtas by using IT systems throughout our administration and production areas. All the office paper waste is collected and recycled.

Recycling sawdust

We collect and recycle the sawdust and wood shavings from our carpentry department for use in several stages of the production process.

Harvesting, reusing and reprocessing water

Water is a precious commodity and we go to great lengths to recycle and re-use water wherever possible, both in our offices and factory. Rainwater is harvester and stored, and 100% of the waste water from the production process is captured, filtered and re-used.

Recycling kiln ashes

Our Hoffman kiln is fired by powdered coal and each firing produces an amount of ash in the bottom of the kiln. This ash is completely inert and no threat to the environment, but it is nevertheless used to add to the mortar mix used to isolate and seal the kiln door prior to the next firing.

Sahtas will become a zero waste certified factory in 2019.

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