Sahtas bespoke handmade clay roof tiles for restoration of listed buildings or for your own style

The tiles of the octagonal tower (left) are made by Sahtas (2013). The original roof tiles (right) are made in the 1920’s

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Extreme fidelity for listed building restorations, limitless design options for your own style

Sahtas was able to replicate the size, shape, surface texture and coloration of the field tiles as well as the 80 plus custom fittings needed for the total restoration of this rare classic building.

So when you are faced with a project needing an exact match to the original do not hesitate to call Sahtas...

Stuart Matthews, Northern Roof Tiles

Closest project partnership

Our expert knowledge of clay allows us to produce top quality matching roof tiles for listed buildings.

Sahtas team co-operates closely with project owners around the globe to achieve the best match on time.

Another aspect of Sahtas bespoke production is making unique roof tiles as stipulated by the designer for contemporary residential or business buildings.

Custom shape, colour, structure and texture

The Sahtas clay art team will always strive to meet the bespoke requirements of all our customers.

Architects and design practices, as well as contractors, prefer the Sahtas bespoke system which strives to match the colour, shade and any custom shapes of the original materials for any historic restoration, conservation or heritage work.

Aging and weathering

Once made to the closest colour, structure and texture, each piece of clay tile or brick is aged and/or weathered to the architects’ and surveyors’ requirements.