sanding the wooden mould

Making by hand


"the mud in our hands"

The magic of a piece of clay

Fired roof tiles were used as early as the 3rd millennium BC, and since then plain clay roof tiles and bricks have been used to create distinguished looking buildings.

Our devotion to traditional terracotta art and style is based upon the magical effect that handmade plain tiles have on the buildings, villages and towns of the whole country.

Following the tradition of 5 milleniums

We follow the tradition of making clay roof tiles by hand. Our tile makers throw blocks of clay onto the sanded wooden moulds, cut, flatten and shape our tiles with their skilled hands.

Each Sahtas tile maker signs his work with his handprint, knowing that millions of Sahtas tile maker handprints are hidden on the roofs of premium buildings around the world.

sanding the mould

Sanding the mould

throwing the clay

Clay thrown onto the mould by man power

cutting the clay

Cutting the clay

flattening the tile


handprint on handmade clay roof tiles

Sealing by the handprint

printing the Sahtas trademark

Printing the trademark

Sahtas handmade clay roof tiles

Drying on the shelves

Sahtas brand promise

Sahtas brand promise