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The most successful re-roof...

Vincent Liot TRM Enterprises

Vincent Liot

TRM enterprises is a roofing and architectural sheet metal firm, operating in the New York City/tri-state area. We specialize on high end residential projects and are in the process of finishing the re-roofing of a beautiful estate in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The residence is a 100 years old and faithfully reproduces the architecture of a classic British Manor with lots of turrets, long sweeping roofs, wings and accessory buildings. Its original roof was a clay tile roof from the Ludovici Co. It was installed by true craftsmen in the traditional British fashion, using a large amount of custom made accessories for the hips, valleys, ridges, dormers, etc.

After a 100 years of service, several sections of the roof showed signs of tile delamination. Time for a new roof !

The demanding owner requested that the roof be faithfully reproduced and look old immediately. A challenging assignment ! Samples were obtained from different manufacturers.

Sahtas offered the best sample at a competitive price, faithfully reproducing the weathered look of the original tile.

Sahtas also pledged their ability to recreate the many custom made accessories necessary for a successful re-roofing. For example, among the more than 30 dormers of the residence, 7 of them have a concave curved hip roof requiring a different hip tile at every row of the roof (11 rows for each dormer).

I went to Turkey to check Sahtas manufacturing facilities, we had tiles tested in a US lab to verify that Sahtas tiles met the demanding US standards for application in the North East with its extreme variations in temperature.

I was impressed not only by Sahtas facilities but by the entire team I met. The estate owner agreed on the tile, the order was placed and a production schedule was agreed upon. The roof is now nearing completion and the project is turning out to be one of the most successful re-roof we have accomplished in our 35 years of existence.

The roof looks antique, it is not even finished! It is an excellent match of the original roof.

Nature, the best craftsman of us all, has started its own work for the final touch: the biological re-growth of lichens and moss  on the shady slopes of the roof.

Vincent Liot, Founder, TRM Enterprises

Each one a true masterpiece...

Jason Lovelady Carpenter's Roofing

Jason Lovelady

I had the privilege of visiting the Sahtas facility in Izmir, Turkey and witnessed firsthand the hand making of all elements of the roof tiles. From the one-piece valleys to the hip bonnets to the ridge caps, all of the accessories of the roof are completely unique and one of a kind.

This handcrafted process is a forgotten art, lost in the roofing industry’s push for value engineering. The skill and artistry that goes into creating the handcrafted tiles at Sahtas is a rare find in today’s roofing industry.

The hospitality I received during my short visit with the Sahtas team made me quickly realize this is a family environment. Each team member is treated with respect and appreciation which, in turn, produces a deep passion and pride for the role they play in crafting Sahtas’ products. It is that belief and passion that lends a distinctive harmony to the artisan beauty and quality that is found throughout their products, each one a true masterpiece uniquely set apart within today's market.

Jason Lovelady, President, Carpenter’s Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Do not hesitate...

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Stuart Matthews

Sahtas was able to replicate the size, shape, surface texture and coloration of the field tiles as well as the 80 plus custom fittings needed for the total restoration of this rare classic building.

So when you are faced with a project needing an exact match to the original do not hesitate to call Sahtas...

Stuart Matthews, Northern Roof Tiles

Lots of reasons...

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Nicholas Charrington

In order to get the new furnace through the planning we needed to put something that would fit in and match the existing Tudor buildings.

There's lot reasons we've liked, but principally they got an instinct sort of color range, so they fit in.

You get a much more instinct roof from these.

Because they're all handmade they alter slightly different. That means when they sit on the roof, they just form a much more instinct pattern and texture.

Nicholas Charrington, Layer Marney Tower

What better endorsement !..

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Paul Newman

Potton has worked with SAHTAS over a number of years and throughout that time, their ability to impress in both product and service has been second to none.

Their range of bricks and roof tiles are often the first choice of Potton clients and indeed we chose from the Sahtas range ourselves when we built the new "Potton Barn" at our show centre in St. Neots – what better endorsement !

With the rustic look and feel favoured by many rural planners and robust durability expected by Potton self builders, we would have no hesitation in recommending Sahtas and look forward to working with them closely in the future.

Paul Newman, Technical Director, Potton

The ultimate quality...

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Mustafa Büyükkolancı, Asst.Professor

The top level production techniques of Sahtas are inestimable.

They made and delivered a total of 8.000 antique restoration bricks just on time, as they promised. Since the start-up of the whole restoration process of western door arch

(without which the wall restorations cannot be started) was depended on these bricks, the on-time delivery was extremely important.

The quality of the bricks will be described as "ultimate".

We had never got a fulfilling result for the tiles we had made for our previous restorations before we met Sahtas.

Because of the quality and delivery, we hereby recommend Sahtas to all heads of archaeological excavations.

Mustafa Büyükkolancı, Asst.Professor, Head of Ayasuluk Castle Excavation