Brookhurst tile types, specials and ornaments

The essence of roof art


Sahtas clay roof tiles are independently tested by CERAM® and have passed:

BSEN 538:1994 BSEN 539-2:2005 BSEN 539-1:2006
for strength * for resistance to frost damage for impermeability to water

* = In accordance with BSEN 1304:2005 clay roofing tiles and fittings product definitions and specifications.

30-Year Guarantee Clay Roof Tile

Sahtas offers a 30-year manufacturers back guarantee for the Sahtas range of hand-made clay roof tiles, which commences from the date of product supply to site.

All types and specials above are available in Sahtas Brookhurst clay roof tile collection.

The sizes and shapes of Sahtas clay roof tiles can be customized upon request.