Brookhurst Handmade Club Tile

Brown, Multi, Orange, Red

Brookhurst Handmade Club Tile

Product Description

Sahtas Brookhurst handmade clay roof tiles are manufactured by traditional methods following principles established over 3,000 years ago. The raw clay is excavated from our own clay pits and undergoes a process known as “clay washing” which removes harmful impurities before being moulded and shaped by our tilemakers. The tiles are dried before firing in our traditional Hoffman kilns for 6 days at over 1,000o C before being allowed to cool slowly in a precise, controlled environment. The finished tiles carry beautiful and subtle variations of shade, camber and texture which make the Brookhurst tile perfect for homes and building projects where sensitive aesthetics, performance and durability are paramount. All Brookhurst tiles and fittings are rigorously tested by Lucideon, an independent test house to ensure compliance with British Standards and are backed by our comprehensive 30 year guarantee.

Technical Data

Tile Type:

Club Tiles


Brown, Buff, Chartridge, Classic, County, Loddon, Multi, Olde English Orange, Olde English Red, Orange, Red, Restoration, Wentworth

Tile Size:

265mm x 165mm

Pitched Roofing Coverage:

60 per m²

Pitched Roofing Minimum Pitch:


Pitched Roofing Maximum Pitch:


Vertical Cladding Coverage:

60 per m2

Vertical Cladding Minimum Pitch:


Vertical Cladding Maximum Pitch:


Weight per 1,000:


Weight per crate:


Quantity per crate:


Vertical Cladding Batten Size Recommended:

38mm x 25mm for rafters / supports not exceeding 600mm centres


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