Planning your roof restoration project

Planning your roof restoration project

If you are starting to think about your dream home then the design, layout and aesthetics will be foremost in your mind whether you are at the concept stage or already have the plans prepared and are looking at external finishes.

The choice of brickwork, doors, windows, and landscaping are of course important, but the selection of roof covering is paramount – not only to provide the crowning glory of your project, but to act as the first line of defence against the elements and the vagaries of the British climate.

The choice of roof coverings available is large and varied but as you are here we presume that you are already seriously considering specifying a clay tile.
Congratulations – you made a great choice!

Let’s look at the things you need to consider:

One - Aesthetics

Handmade plain clay tiles provide a beautiful finish to your roof. Because clay is a naturally occurring material the tiles provide subtle shade variations and, unlike artificial materials, will weather over time to a deeper, more mellow shade. Clay tiles are colour-permanent and will never fade or lose their colour.

Two - Local Architectural Vernacular

Many parts of the UK have strict planning guidelines governing the choice of materials and Sahtas handmade tiles are universally accepted where the guidelines call for traditional handmade tiles.

Three - Roof Design

Does your roof feature multiple projections and features? Pediments, dormer windows and rooflights present roofing contractors with challenges in terms of setting out the roof. Large, interlocking tiles can be difficult to install at a consistent gauge and headlap when the roof features lots of interruptions. Plain clay tiles are particularly suited to roofs such as this as their small size makes them more adaptable.

Four - Roof Pitch

Handmade clay plain tiles should not be used below 40 degrees rafter pitch, but handcrafted clay tiles can be used as low as 35 degrees.

Five - Location and Aspect

Will your property be surrounded by trees? If so, the elevation nearest the trees is likely to attract a higher degree of mossing caused by airborne lichen and spores.

Six - Installation

The most important choice you make, after the roof tiles, will be picking a roofing contractor to install your beautiful new roof. Choose wisely – not all roofers will be proficient at installing a handmade plain tile roof. The levels of skills and experience required exceed those required to fit large format concrete roof tiles.


Picking the cheapest quote is often the most expensive route!

Speak to the supplier or stockist – they will know who the good roofers are in your area.

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