About us

"A life dedicated to touch and, form to texturize and fire the clay just as in the golden ages of art"

Sahtas Handmade Clay Roof Tile Production

The commitment

Incorporated as a family business in 1979, Sahtas is dedicated to producing clay products that exceed the quality expectations of the industry and our customers.

This goal is achieved through stringent in-house quality control at all levels, as well as continuous external independent testing.

Sahtas own clay quarry

The essence

Clay, the elementary art material is the essence of our business. We take good care of our own quarry, excavate the premium quality clay with extreme care and prepare it in the old, traditional way.

Sahtas Handmade Clay Roof Tile Production

The touch

We're proud of the mud on our hands. Carefully prepared clay, free from impurities, is cut, shaped and sculptured by the hands of our expert team. We have a hands on approach to our products in every phase of the production process, even the packing is done by hand.

Sahtas own clay quarry

The fire

We fire our clay art slowly in our famous Hoffman kilns pouring micronized coal from the special coal stoves on top. The clay art are fired in a minimum of 1,070 °C for more than 6 days, then cooled slowly under dual precision temperature monitoring.

Sahtas Quality test bs en 539

The certainty

Sahtas makes pieces of clay art for buildings either listed as a priceless part of history or unique works of contemporary architectural design. Any residential or business building project is valued by us for the artistic aspect regardless of the size.

We test our work with the latest scientific methods, manually inspect and then proudly sign every single piece.

Sahtas own clay quarry

The rank

Our pieces are used in a wide range of projects from contemporary to listed and public to private buildings across the globe. The testimonials of our customers show we are meticulous in our quality and philosophy.

After selling more than 30 million pieces exclusively in the UK over the past decade, Sahtas is aiming to be ranked among the top makers of terracotta in the world.