Slip Bricks

Genuine clay bricks creating premium brick facades

Ideal for covering non-brick walls both interiors and exteriors

The collection8 colors in 1 texture

Please kindly remember that the vibrancy and saturation of colors on this page are displayed due to your display preferences. Actual colors may vary.

Sahtas slip brick


Sahtas slip brick


Sahtas slip brick


Sahtas slip brick


Sahtas slip brick


Sahtas slip brick


Sahtas slip brick


30-Year Guarantee Clay Roof Tile

Sahtas offers a 30-year manufacturers back guarantee for the Sahtas range of clay bricks, which commences from the date of product supply to site.


Sahtas developed the Clay Slip Bricks to bring the traditional touch to any non-brick wall and facade.

Sahtas Clay Slip bricks are preferred in contemporary projects as well as renovation and restoration of special older classics.

The Clay Slip Bricks of Sahtas are available in any size, color or texture for bespoke projects to match with special bricks of British standards.

Sahtas is capable to reproduce copies of any existing decorative bricks.

The single colors of Sahtas bricks can be mixed to create blend variations for a perfect match to existing buildings.